living room

THE living room is a place to work, relax and play. It’s also the room where friends and family come together, so it has to have that kind of aura that invites people to linger there. Furnished with comfort and style, a living room can be a place of refuge at the heart of your Full Story

REFLTCTIONS Memories of Nepal

Nazneen Haque Mimi “Legend has it that the Bodhisattva Manjushree drained the lake that once filled the Kathmandu valley and made it habitable. It now boasts a 2000 year old urban civilisation. Dynasties rose to power one after the other, only to be lost in the march of time”. This insightful excerpt is from Nepal – Full Story

Inca Civilisation

Nazneen Haque Mimi Exploring the belief systems of early cultures can be enlightening and transforming. Each offers unique perspective on how we can create environments that are in harmony with the natural forces. We can learn from the ancient laws and follow them faithfully in our present life. This may include arranging the floor plan Full Story

DECOR Smart living

The living room is the main area which collects many different aromas from many different places. These conflicting scents create a whirlpool or vibrations, each one clashing with another. Aromas in the living room come from chemicals in furniture polish, window view, upholstery, carpet, fabrics and also from people’s clothes, as well as their auric Full Story

REFLTCTIONS Memories of Nepal

Memories of Nepal Nazneen Haque Mimi “Legend has it that the Bodhisattva Manjushree drained the lake that once filled the Kathmandu valley and made it habitable. It now boasts a 2000 year old urban civilisation. Dynasties rose to power one after the other, only to be lost in the march of time”. This insightful excerpt is Full Story

decor A Creative Play Zone

Childhood is the loveliest time for a human being. It is the time of unending affection and care. A child is probably the most significant addition to the family. Therefore, without proper child-proofing and with no thought to the child, a home is worthless. In this generation, it is now more important than ever to Full Story

Bathroom oasis

We live in a time where everything is intended to be luxe, where we love to display our creativity in every nook and corner of our homes; from the small stools in living rooms to closets bigger and fancier than bedrooms. Amongst all this décor, we often tend to miss out on one particular corner Full Story

Book on home décor launched in New York

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni unveils the jacket of Nazneen Haque Mimi’s publication titled ‘Homes of Bangladesh’ at ‘Made in Bangladesh’ themed fair in New York City recently. Photo: Courtesy Foreign Minister Dipu Moni unveiled the jacket of Nazneen Haque Mimi’s publication titled ‘Homes of Bangladesh’ as part of the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ themed fair in Full Story


Parents often find that having a young child gives them the opportunity to rediscover their artistic side and imagination. A lot of the most exciting decorating programs on TV show how to create rooms that are a mixture of window dressing and stage design adapted for the home. Children’s bedrooms can be treated in the Full Story

Children’s corner

  A bedroom is a place for relaxation, but for children it is more than just that. It is a space, which can provide them comfort and carve their minds, spurring their creativity and help in develop a strong personality.Our focus this week is on a child’s room. The young parent had decided that they Full Story

Visiting Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is famous for the Visva-Bharati University founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Shantiniketan was previously called Bhubandanga. This area was gifted by Lord Satyendra Prasanno Sinha to the Tagore family. Rabindranath’s father, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore, found it very peaceful and renamed it Shantiniketan, which means abode (niketan) of peace (shanti). Initially, Shantiniketan was little Full Story

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village   Sarawak, situated on the northwest of Borneo Island, is known as the Land of the Hornbills. Forests are its most valuable assets and resources, yielding timber and a large amount of jungle produce. The state’s rainforest is a sanctuary to a phenomenal myriad of more than 8000 species of flora and Full Story

Cha ghor

  In ancient times, the cultivation and drinking of tea spread from China to Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Tea or chai in Cantonese was first tasted in the European continent in Lisbon, Portugal in the sixteenth century. This week, we trace the timelines of tea and explore our traditional cha ghor in our villages Full Story


Eid-ul-Fitr signals rejuvenation. After a month of abstinence and restraint, Eid is the day when we can emerge from our shells. It’s not just a day to dress ourselves in our Eid best, but also to brighten up our homes. It is after all a day when friends and family will visit you, and you Full Story

State vs. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others

By M H Haider Photo: Tamim Sujat He recognised a journalist in the courtroom, and tried to draw his attention. The journalist, however, pretended not to have heard him. After the rebel — accused of a very grave crime — tried again, the journalist whispered, “Mujib bhai, we can’t talk. There are intelligence people all Full Story

Foursome brings in old favourites

Nazneen Haque Mimi Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan Kids deserve a room that reflects their personalities. A thoughtfully designed children’s bedroom requires a detailed interview of both the child and the parents. While it is important to know the child’s preferences in terms of theme and colour, parents must be consulted about the functionality. In Full Story

Light up your world

Mayesha Raidah After a long day at work, there’s nothing more appealing than unwinding in the comfort of your own home with a steaming cup of coffee, maybe a book to read and some candles on the side. Why the candle?  Well, today candles are so much more than simply your last resort during a Full Story

Christmas’s handmade greetings

I have never had the chance of visiting Singapore during Christmas, until this time when faced with a medical emergency. I had no idea that come December, the whole atmosphere in the city state changes so drastically in anticipation of the festive season – roads illuminated with fairy lights, large shopping malls getting a major Full Story

weddings across cultures

weddings across cultures In our Weddings special issue, we’re focusing on weddings across cultures, and this involves the difference in wedding rituals between different faiths, as well as the difference caused by geographical boundaries. Our interior décor guru Nazneen Haque Mimi gives us a taste of a cross cultural wedding, so read on for a Full Story

For a smart kitchen

By Monica Islam There was a time when domestic helps would manually pound spices into a paste or when specialised butchers would cut chunks of meat into specific dish-appropriate shapes and sizes. With the widespread availability of kitchen appliances, preparing mouth-watering, restaurant-styled food has become easier. These gadgets save time and effort and serve multiple Full Story

open KITCHENS abroad

We all love to cook for our families. Gathering in the kitchen with family and friends has become a new fixture in our lives, and this gives rise to the meaningful concept of an open kitchen a place that combines the functional requirements of a kitchen with the cozy comfort of a family living space. Full Story

An extravaganza of book stalls

By M H Haider   If you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, you should definitely not judge one by the bookstore or book stall either. But they are indeed marketing tools that help draw attention to the readers. This year, one thing that is in vogue at Amar Ekushey Grantha Full Story

Masks of Bangladesh

  Pohela Boishakh is one of Bengal’s most loved festivals. We all celebrate this festival irrespective of our cultural or religious differences. White and red saris, panjabis and uttorios are happily worn by everyone. We enjoy taking part in Boishakhi rallies and fairs and feasting on hilsha and panta bhat. Men and women of all Full Story

Touch of PEACE

In the past, romance was synonymous with over embellishments but today it is defined by a more pared-down sensuality that has little to do with frothy frills and more to do with curvy lines, glamorous touches, and the adventurous combination of the vintage with the modern and the plain with the elaborate You can let Full Story

The story of clay pottery

12:00 AM, April 11, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 10:34 AM, April 11, 2017 The history of Bangladeshi pottery as an art form is an old one, dating as far back as the Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilisation. Some earthenware was found after the excavation of Mahasthangarh in Bogra (300 BC). In addition to that, the Paharpur Full Story

luxurious coziness

STEP into our featured apartment, and you’ll see that beauty and comfort need not be mutually exclusive. You are greeted by a spacious dining-cum-family entertainment corner, a space unhindered by doors, creating an impression of roomy openness. Beige-colored porcelain tiles cover the floor, while a wall-to-wall wooden cabinet houses the home entertainment system, and box Full Story

Trendy rooftop Garden

12:09 AM, June 18, 2013 / LAST MODIFIED: 05:40 PM, June 17, 2013   Over the last few decades an awareness of the environment has become part of our daily lives and concerns us in many areas, public and private. In the field of landscape gardening, sustainable designs have been developed which are attractive but Full Story


12:09 AM, July 23, 2013 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:59 PM, July 22, 2013 A living room is not a work space, unlike a kitchen or a home office or even a bathroom, yet it has more diverse demands placed upon it than any other room in the house. It is the most public of guest Full Story

Seasonal Bed dressing

12:00 AM, March 12, 2013 / LAST MODIFIED: 02:21 AM, March 17, 2013 The bedroom probably reflects our deepest passions and our abiding interests more than any other room. Not that we don’t create stylish and inspiring kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and libraries in our homes- we do, and we do so with Full Story

Contemporary Family Living

12:00 AM, May 05, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 03:01 PM, May 20, 2015 A contemporary home is both a sanctuary and an environment in which we relax, cook, eat, sleep, bathe and possibly work. If you have children it is also where they will play and explore the world around them as they grow up. Full Story


12:00 AM, October 28, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015 For many people, their hurried lifestyle means that they spend less time preparing and eating their food. No wonder people who live on junk food and take little time to relax and enjoy a meal, suffer more from stress. Meal time is Full Story


12:00 AM, August 12, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015 CONTEMPORARY DINING Good food and good company are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and the dining room is where these pleasures come together. From breakfast nooks to patios, today’s dining extends throughout the home, whether indoors or outdoors, it can set the Full Story

cell-phone showroom

Gone are the days when mobile phones were just a luxury. In today’s fast-paced world, they are an absolute must, be they owned by students who are running from class to class, or uber-busy professionals rushing through the cutthroat world of modern business. It’s also an essential style accessory for the fashionistas, who are always Full Story

Laser gets a makeover

‘Perfection’ seems to be the Holy Grail in today’s professional world. Just as jobs and careers are becoming more demanding, personal appearance and presentation also comes under intense scrutiny: singers, dancers, news presenters, actresses, even doctors and teachers; everyone is on the lookout for the best look. Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is Full Story

Nek Chand Garden

12:00 AM, November 10, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 05:45 PM, November 10, 2015 With thousands of years of history and heritage behind it, today India is recognised as being one of the largest multicultural countries in Asia, and certainly the world. Various parts of India were ruled by numerous Middle kingdoms, among which the Gupta Full Story

Dining Chic

12:00 AM, January 10, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, January 10, 2017 A well furnished dining space should not only be visually striking but also feel good to the touch. Imagine a dining room that is most comfortable, where people can enjoy, lingering over delicious meals and conversations. Every home has a distinct style Full Story

Planning the Perfect Picnic

12:00 AM, February 07, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, February 07, 2017 Planning the Perfect Picnic Like the feeling of love, picnics appeal to all the senses. The serenity and intimacy offered are altogether unpredictable. A blanket spread on the forest floor or a grassy field sets the mood for an adventure for urbanites. Full Story

Workspace for a media person

Workspace for a media person IN the civilised world, millions go to work every day in offices located in large urban towers and low-rise Dhaka office parks, in renovated warehouses and remodelled factories. Designs make corporate images. They inspire workers. They impress potential clients and visitors. They make businesses work better. They help shape corporate Full Story

Fancy kitchen dining

12:00 AM, June 23, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, June 23, 2015 Fancy kitchen dining The home is a place that provides a sense of belonging, affection and togetherness. It is where we begin and end the day and the heart of any home is in its kitchen. Furnished originally with functional pots and Full Story


corridor   The entry to a house establishes the mood and sets the tone for the rest of the home. The hallway is the first impression the visitors have of your home. It is the first area they can see upon entering, and as such, it should be as inviting as you can make it. Full Story

Holistic house

Holistic house POHELA Boishakh is a great festival for Bangalis. A joyful mood grips the nation as Boishakhi fairs pop up all over the place. People of all ages throng the fairs to buy clothes, sweets and handicrafts. Women attire themselves in white sari with red borders. A spirit of festivity reigns in the air. Full Story

Warmth of teak

12:00 AM, May 31, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:02 AM, May 31, 2016 Warmth of teak Furniture plays a major role in our home design. Fortunately there is a lot to choose from, ranging from modern, sleek designs to classic pieces. Our choices will depend on personal taste, but there needs to be other considerations Full Story


Bikrampur IN the ancient times, Bikrampur was undoubtedly an important political centre in the history of Bengal. The capital city of the Chandra, Barman, Sen Rulers from the beginning of the 10th century AD to the beginning of the 13th century AD, the name of Bikrampur survived as a pargana during the Mughal period. Its Full Story

New life for living space

12:00 AM, June 21, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, June 21, 2016 New life for living space A home can very easily become cluttered with furniture and items that sneak in unnoticed, so it is a good idea to try to look at each room with a fresh viewpoint. Your home is a reflection Full Story

Modern face lift

Modern face lift PEOPLE buy houses for all kinds of reasons. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they like everything about it. This is an apartment, almost 4000 sqft in area and situated at Gulshan . The living area is spacious and highly ventilated due to large horizontal windows. The original space was a plane surface. Full Story

Telling Time

telling time Originating from the Celtic words clagan and clocca, meaning bell, clocks are time-telling devices. Indeed, this week, standing on the brink of a new year, we focus on the issue of time. As busy as our lives have become, clocks are indispensable items. Everyone owns a clock at home. Clocks have traditionally been Full Story

Knobs and handles

Knobs and handles Doors equipped with suitable hardware are used to close off these openings and protect the interior of the building from the environment. Wooden doors were also popular in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Other materials used for doors include stone, metal, glass and paper. Doors open by swinging, folding, sliding or rolling. Many Full Story

Ineutrals at play

Ineutrals at play In every great design, it’s the little touches that make a room come alive. In the bedroom, a few accessories are often enough; it’s just a matter of choosing the perfect ones. The most peaceful bedrooms are in fact the simplest. Just a few carefully chosen objects can infuse a compact space Full Story

the spirit of BLUE

  the spirit of BLUE The colour blue has a quiet, peaceful resonance, a thoughtful and dignified quality that is invaluable in a noisy, busy world. Information overload is fast becoming a problem that is affecting our mental and physical health. The special healing quality of blue creates physical space and also allows us plenty Full Story

Make Over Magic

make over magic Accessories are the details that bring a room to life, reflecting the personalities of the people who inhabit it. Accessories transform a room. To decorate your home, don’t be shy about changing them. They express your spirit in this room, so keep it lively. Have a little fun. Changing accessories with the Full Story

Eid Time Rejuvenation

12:00 AM, September 06, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, September 06, 2016 Eid time rejuvenation Once again, it is that time of the year when our home needs a change in its outlook. Come Eid, our hearts are warmed with the festive season. There is an excitement in picking the right attire for our Full Story

Outdoor Space

                      outdoor space CAREFUL planning can get you maximum mileage out of every inch of available space, be it a handkerchief-sized concrete space, a long verandah, or even an open lawn. If you are lucky enough to have a patio, terrace, or roof, you should Full Story


Frames Accessories are expressions of your spirit. They are the touchstones for memory; the objects that make a room come to life. Functional accessories like pillows, bed linen and bed covers have a special impact on a bedroom. Bold accessories such as large pieces of art, add drama. Personal accessories like photos of family members, Full Story

Journey With our crafts

  Journey With our crafts Although the demand for imports has drastically increased in recent years, the rich and indigenous handicraft products of Bangladesh have slowly but surely regained popularity. Our handicrafts are both beautiful and eco-friendly. As a designer, I wish for this near-patriotic love for our own products to be reflected in the Full Story

Hot Mustard

                      hot mustard Since the dawn of time, people have built their homes from earth and so when we are surrounded by earth-coloured objects and materials we feel comfortable and at home. Two natural earth tones are ochre and burnt Sienna, and when blended together Full Story

Shocking Pink

shocking pink Pink is the softer side of red and can range from deep, vivid shades to almost white. Like red, pink can be hot or cool in temperature. Hot pinks are vibrant and sexy, especially when teamed up with orange and red. It seems that when it comes to decorating pink is one color Full Story

Books in your home

                          Books in your home Bookshelves are like money: most of us never have enough. The storage space they provide is rapidly claimed but seldom relinquished. People are loath to give away books (even those they infrequently read) the way they do clothes Full Story

Ottoman architecture, architect Sinan

12:00 AM, February 28, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, February 28, 2017 Decor and architecture Ottoman architecture, architect Sinan     Istanbul, the city that straddles the continents Europe and Asia, and one of the major cities of Turkey located in its Marmara region, is a phenomenal bridge between the eastern and the western. Full Story

Korean TEA

Korean tea   Across the globe, for countless centuries, tea has been a beverage of choice. This wonderful, energetic drink brightens mornings, refreshes afternoons and warms nights. It soothes frayed nerves and stimulates fatigued minds. Tea has the power to bind people and served on the side, it sets the perfect environment for a heated Full Story

A tranquil old house

a tranquil old house I have always been fascinated by old houses, and over the past year, been searching out buildings that retain traditional styles. A month ago, some friends invited us to their residence in old Dhaka. On June 16, Tamim and I set off for Old Dhaka. As our car drew up in Full Story

Modish Bedroom

    Modish bedroom Bedrooms are the most significant parts of a home, offering both a retreat and a private sanctuary for relaxation. The more time we spend at home, the more our bedrooms need to be multifunctional. This is not only a boudoir for sleep, but also one in which to dress, relax with Full Story

Eclectic Blue Dining

12:00 AM, July 14, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, July 14, 2015 Eclectic blue dining                                       The best dining rooms are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also adaptable. They are a welcoming zone for casual Full Story

lobby design of a Diagnostic center

lobby design of a Diagnostic center The mention of a hospital or a diagnostic centre conjures up images of disease and suffering, of a sterile and unfriendly environment. Modern-day designers can turn the table around and create surroundings that are health-friendly, and yet inviting, which can, to a great extent, mitigate the suffering of the Full Story

Perfume Shop

                      perfume shop PERFUMES are an inescapable part of a person’s identity. A good scent can linger in the mind and work its way into a person’s heart, while an unpleasant one can leave a disastrous impression on whoever happens to smell it. So choosing Full Story

Reception Corner

                        Reception Corner Offices started out as rooms of moderate size. The prototype was the library or study used by aristocratic ‘gentlemen’ or the consulting room of professionals. Such an office is by nature, private. With the advent of larger organisations, businesses, government agencies, Full Story

Gifts Galore

Gifts galore “Let the season of giving be yours and not that of your inheritors.” ~Khalil Gibran Gifts are fail-safe ways of conveying affection and invoking happiness in both givers and receivers. It is the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a Full Story

Bathroom Accessories Maintenance

                        Bathroom accessories maintenance Imagine soaking in the tub by candle light while you read the latest magazine. Or soothing your wearied and tired body by indulging in your private jacuzzi. Now picture rust stains on the tap, murky green algae growing on the Full Story

Bringing Our Crafts Back Home

bringing our crafts back home The first day of Boishakh remains a holiday in Bangladesh. A festive mood grips the nations, as Boishakhi melas pop up all over the place. People of all ages throng these melas to buy clothes, sweets and handicrafts. As a designer, I believe that the spirit of Boishakh should be Full Story


  Inlay When it comes to using chairs, beds, cabinets and tables, people have looked toward meeting their needs to sit, lie down, store possessions and to prepare food and dine. The styles of these furniture have changed significantly throughout history but some have become classics. Surviving examples are now found in museums or in Full Story


  Intramuros,Manila   Intramuros, an old Spanish city, was established during the Spanish rule at Manila. Manila is a sea-side city and capital of the Philippines. The city developed just beside the Manila bay. The site Intramuros, ruled by three chieftains — Rajah Sulayman, Lakan Dula and Raja Matanda, was originally a large Malayan-Islamic settlement Full Story

Desmond Ho

Desmond Ho There is no worry so great that cannot be eased by watching green things grow. A garden, no matter how small, can become an important area for releasing stress and finding hope. To create a small heaven on your earth, look for spaces that can be transformed into an indoor garden. The obvious Full Story

Potted plants

Potted plants AN old school garden would have been adorned with a rose bush, as no lawn was complete without it. There would also be seasonal blooms in separate beds, each adding to the charm of the garden. The lack of space in today’s world, however, prevents us from experiencing the magic that lies in Full Story

Trendy Interiors

Trendy interiors Very often, we know what we want our homes and offices to look like, but feel helpless when we have to translate our dreams into reality. In a true design sense the essence of interior design lies in how one creates space or articulates the space, rather than with what one fills it Full Story

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty Bedrooms are rooms for sleep and relaxation. Therefore, the most important facet of their design is comfort. The room may focus on a bed or may be disguised as a sitting room but a soothing environment is the key to success. A bed generally presides over the room in which it stands, so Full Story


Orchids The rainy season is well underway and wild flowers such as krishnochura, radhachura, bougainvillea, kamini and dolonchapa are in bloom throughout the city. This week we discuss a flower quite unique in terms of its beauty and sense of appeal – the orchid. The term ‘orchid’ is derived from the Latin word “orchis” meaning Full Story

Stay Fresh with Flowers

Stay fresh with flowers Flowers have been associated with symbolism since ancient times. For the Chinese, fresh flowers are an important part of the Lunar New year decorations, as they believe that without flowers, there will be no fruits. Pretty blooms are said to represent the reawakening of nature and are linked with a wish Full Story

Peaceful Dining

Whether they have a full room devoted to them or merely a corner of a space, dining areas are the arena for drama, with the focus on food. We must eat to live, and we must eat well to live well. Healthy meals involve much more than good nutrition. We have discussed about dining tables Full Story

The Right seat-Asian Style

the right seat-asian style Basic furniture pieces have remained the same for centuries. People have been using chairs, beds, cabinets and tables to meet their need to sit, lie down, store possessions and prepare and eat food. Of course, the styles of these and other pieces of furniture have changed significantly through history. In this Full Story

Princess Dream

Princess dream We all loved fairy-tales in our childhoods. Whatever their country of origin, these prince and princess stories are such favourites of children the world over, that they have gained a staggering amount of global appeal. Especially where little girls are concerned, daydreaming and fantasising about being a princess is nothing unheard of. In Full Story

Care for Old

  JUST as plants turn their leaves to face the nearest window, humans crave natural light. Sunshine offers a feel-good factor that is hard to beat, so it is no wonder that many of us dream of escaping for a holiday in the lakeside. Today we are describing a doctor’s house, situated in Dhanmondi by Full Story

Sweet suite

Sweet suite Sometimes we feel relaxed, more energetic, even organised, when we are away from our daily work on a holiday. It’s strange but somehow, those pressed white sheets subtend the mood lightly and cleverly designed spaces all contribute to a well-deserved rest like no other. In this week’s feature, we are describing a guesthouse Full Story

Looking in Gazing Out

looking in gazing out The world beyond our windows is so easy to forget. There is nothing more comforting than to sit in a green space. When we connect with nature, we are also connecting with our spiritual selves. Windows are a natural focal point. Whether airy and open or dramatically decorated, the treatments you Full Story


LIGHTENING up Just as plants turn their leaves to face the nearest window, humans crave natural light. Sunshine offers a healthy good feeling that is hard to beat, so it’s no wonder that many of us dream of escaping for a few days to our village homes. While builders of modern homes are increasingly addressing Full Story

Smart shelving

Smart shelving Shelves are the perfect solution to achieving a balance between generating additional storage in the home or office and creating an aesthetically pleasing display for showpieces. They are practical, adaptable, easy to install and portable. Structurally, there are two types of shelves, those that are hung and those that are free standing. A Full Story

Mrinalini House

mrinalini house Bangaliana remains incomplete without the touch of Tagore. Every aspect of our lives has been magically presented in his work — poems or prose, painting or music. On 9 December 1883, Tagore married Mrinalini Devi, or Bhabatarini, daughter of Beni Madhab. Zaminder Ray Chowdhury, the poet’s maternal uncle, lived next door to Beni Full Story

Dining Furnishings

  DECOR Dining Furnishings The dining room should be a place where people can sit down, relax, and enjoy a leisurely meal. If you use your dining room on a daily basis, you will have to be practical and accommodate your furniture according to the traffic flow the room sees everyday. But if you serve Full Story

Colourful doors

12:00 AM, December 13, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, December 13, 2016 Colourful doors Although doors rarely provide much of a design bang, they do contribute substance to a room. Exterior doors require more heft then interior ones. Doors mediate between the public and the private and can be opaque, translucent or transparent – Full Story

Green Veranda

12:00 AM, August 18, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 18, 2015 Decor Green Veranda To create a small heaven on your Earth, look for spaces that can be transformed into an indoor garden. The obvious location is an enclosed sun porch. However, you can create a green room anywhere there is light and Full Story

Memories of Nepal

12:00 AM, May 12, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 11:57 PM, May 25, 2015 Refltctions Memories of Nepal Nazneen Haque Mimi “Legend has it that the Bodhisattva Manjushree drained the lake that once filled the Kathmandu valley and made it habitable. It now boasts a 2000 year old urban civilisation. Dynasties rose to power one after the Full Story

Bathroom oasis

12:00 AM, March 14, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, March 14, 2017 ls suggests Bathroom oasis We live in a time where everything is intended to be luxe, where we love to display our creativity in every nook and corner of our homes; from the small stools in living rooms to closets bigger and Full Story

Tropical outdoor sitting

12:00 AM, May 24, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, May 24, 2016 decor Tropical outdoor sitting Tropical countries are full of green lushes and flowers that bloom across all the seasons. All of the six seasons in Bangladesh are full of colour and each season carries its own beauty. I have been spending a Full Story

Creating drama with wall

Creating drama with wall     Walls bring out our most primitive insecurities. Too close together, and we feel constricted; too far apart, and we feel lost. But it is not only the placement of walls that trigger such emotions. Surfaces also convey meaning and can induce a feeling of comfort or edginess. This week Full Story

Teenager’s Room

12:00 AM, October 21, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015 Teenager’s Room Teenager’s Room A home is a sanctuary, a place where we can, if we want, wear sloppy unflattering clothes, practice our disco dance moves and stop trying to hold in our stomach muscles. To counteract the stresses of busy working Full Story

Sports illustrated

12:00 AM, October 06, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, October 06, 2015 decor Every type of bedroom is unique. Master bedrooms are generally elegant with ornamental furniture. Children’s rooms, an area that sees various activities, from studying to playing, are colourful, fun and funky. Nursery rooms are also very interesting with lots of toys Full Story


  Books fulfill myriad functions in our lives. They foster our enthusiasms, provide information and lend a true sense of personality to every room, whether it is a cubbyhole of well-thumbed paperbacks within arm’s reach of the bath, in a utilitarian kitchen, or in a charmingly cluttered home study, brimming with leather bound volumes. This Full Story


A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavouring, colouring or preserving food. Sometimes a spice is used to hide other flavours. The word spice comes from the Old French word ‘espice’. By 1000 B.C., medical systems based upon herbs could be found in China, Korea, and India. Full Story

DECOR Storage management

  An essential element of every house is storage. If you want a clutter free home or a well organised living place you need proper storage. Good storage offers more benefits in terms of practicality and efficiency. Before you start thinking about what sort of storage you want, you should categorise your goods based on Full Story


Candles create instant atmosphere — their glow makes an intimate and comforting sphere, with a touch of romance and a sense of warmth. There is something about the flickering golden flame that transforms a humble supper to a deluxe dinner — the enchanted circle of light encourages people to look at each other anew, to Full Story

DECOR Luxurious coziness

The living room is a public space. This is a place where people want to showcase their most-prized possessions that serve as indications of their tastes and personalities. The living room is a gathering place, a space that embraces family and relaxation. Versatile furnishings create comfort and allow you to keep decor up-to-date. The space Full Story