Digital Signage System


Digital Signage System


Skytouch Digital SignageIt is our great pleasure to inform you that we introduced Digital Signage Software which is first time in the market at an earliest possible opportunity. Digital Signage, by definition, is an electronic billboard system, used to present dynamic information electronically, on flat panel displays such as LCD, Plasma Projectors.

Bangladesh Bank Taka Museum 1

Signage at Bangladesh Bank

Wherever you need to advertise, educate or inform customers, consumers, staff, students or partners, digital signage is a fast, reliable and simple way to get your message heard.

The detail of the product is enclosed as ready reference of Digital Signage. We assured that with the help of this you could extend your best possible ready services to your customer. We hope this will help you to know the product in detail along with its advantages.

For further detail if you have any query about the product please contact us.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Here is a PDF E-book of the information about the Digital Signage product offered by us:



The simplest meaning of Digital Signage System is Quick information Platform. It play significant role to achieve non store sales. Generally people would be able to get information by seeing Digital Signage System because of the eye catching contents of it. This is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.

Digital signage Displays are most usually controlled by personal computers or servers by way of proprietary software programs, avoiding any large capital outlays for the controller equipment.

We’ll give you the whole Digital Signage management system so you can make the best decisions for your hotel. We cover operation planning, Hardware, Software, Content, installation and staff training.

We call this the “Knowledge Transfer” because it sounds cool.

Showcase: DCCI












Digital Signage System is being used throughout the global for many years. The market sees digital signage as more beneficial compared to static signage because content that updates frequently can be digitally updated, saving the cost of printing. Digital signage also has the ability to be interactive with imbedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices.


Dual and Multi-Screen Digital Signage

SkyTouch digital signage has a powerful dual video output function and supports various combinations of portrait and landscape screens to perfectly fit your digital signage applications. You can select from three signal output modes: Distinct mode, Clone mode, and Extended mode. Each digital signage display can present Full HD (1920×1080) multimedia content and even support up to 2048×2048 screen resolution for some special screens.


















Uses: Digital signage is used for many different purposes and there is no definitive list. However, below are some of the most common applications of digital signage:

1. Public information – news, weather and local (location specific) information, such as fire exits and traveler information

2. Internal information – corporate messages, health & safety, news, etc.

3. Menu Information – pricing, photos, ingredients and other food information including nutritional facts

4. Advertising – either related to the location the signage is in or just using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising

5. Brand building – in-store digital signage to promote the brand and build a brand identity

6. Influencing customer behavior – directing customers to different areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises

7. Enhancing customer experience – applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, etc., as well as recipe demonstrations in food stores

8. Enhancing the environment – with interactive screens (in the floor for example) or with dynamic way finding.

It can be used in different places like:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Mall
  • Airport
  • Retail Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions


  • Dramatically more eye-catching content.
  • The ability to, instantly, update or add-to content for an up-to-the-minute information service.
  • Deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific location.
  • No matter what type of industry you’re in, we all have a common goal: To capture and hold our audience’s attention.
  • It has taken very small space but deliver a huge business chance
  • It gives customer desire to purchase because of the presentation
  • It can be called as the new pattern of  sales promotion
  • Helps to deliver your sales message to a targeted audience with dynamic and powerful impact.


  • We introduce our own software which would give you easier to use signage system.
  • You can change whenever and whatever you like
  • Your products and packages are shown over here
  • If you need to change any menu or package content, you’ll change it easily
  • Signage will attract anyone, even foreigners and help you gain an acceptable overview of your organization.
  • It is also a medium of earning, you would able to show advertisements through it
  • You could able to show video overview of your products through it.

Our Digital Menu Solution

Being able to update an offer quickly and across many sites is often crucial to the health of the bottom line. Digital Menu Screens remote content updating technology means that a variety of offers can be updated across many different displays – no matter where the menu displays are situated in the world.

  • Changes and updates are made immediately
  • Content controlled centrally, regionally or locally
  • Minimal bandwidth requirement
  • No DVDs or VHS tapes
  • Offer space to advertise
  • Option to have your digital menu managed by our team at Digital Menu Screens
  • Custom graphic design available
  • Tailored software development available


Examples of Digital Menu Board / Screens

Below are some examples of Menu Boards with Digital Screens. Digital Screen sizes can range from 22-inch to 103-inch +

A. One Digital Menu Screen displayed between two normal Static Menu Boards

The 42″ LCD screen displays daily promotions and special offers. This cost effective solution is perfect for clients wishing to introduce a digital promotional display between a static menu board, within a small budget.

Digital Signage Static Menu Demo

Digital Signage Static Menu Demo


B. Two Digital Menu Screens

Samsung LCD Screens


Displaying promotions and Breakfast Menu

C. Three Digital Menu Screens

Three Digital Menu Screens used to present promotions and video related materials:


D. Digital Menus, Playlist of Videos, Promotions with & without Voice Over

Digital Menu Screens designed to your requirements.Voice over feature enabled by simply typing in some text that is to be read out. User can choose a Male / Female voice and present the promotion with a selection of background music and video effect



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