Kiosk is the next generation of technology used in the IT world. Modern countries use Kiosk to supply information to the mass public and thus eliminating the full-time engagement of a person. It is a self-service machine which can provide information on demand.

What is a Kiosk or COBKiosk?

  • Kiosk is a digital, self-service information desk.
  • Kiosk has a software installed which has all the information that a person might need.
  • It has a touchscreen to interact with the kiosk software.
  • A person interested to learn about something can use it to gain information about the subject.

For example, if a consumer of KFC wants to know the food items available and their price to order, then with the few touches in the kiosk screen he can know the price of the items he like.

COBKiosk is an international quality Kiosk product delivered by Colors of Bangladesh. Colors of Bangladesh (COB) is devoted to providing complete solution from Design and Development to Setup and Implementation. COB is a complete, one-stop solution for your organization for Kiosks.

Why use COBKiosk?

Kiosks can be used where same information needs to be supplied repeatedly. In such a situation a Kiosk can free your manpower for other important tasks in the office rather than dealing with same task that can be done by a machine.

COBKiosk is an efficient, quality Kiosk brand which assures you of the delivery of the product you need. We deal with everything you Kiosk needs – from setup to maintenance — we handle every hassle!

Download an e-Brochure for COBKIosk as PDF:




  • COB-KioskTM reaches your audience in “down time”- when they are more receptive to
    your ads.
  • It offers the opportunity to interact with your target market’s lifestyles, integrating
    your message into their daily lives.
  • It has the ability to offer precise audience targeting.
  • People appreciate the novelty factor and ingenuity
    Consumers are captive audience.
  • eLobby based Live Citizen Reporting Solution
    Interactivity between Government and the citizens

Custom Design is also possible!!

Where Kiosks can be used?

Kiosks can be used in many cases. Modern, developed countries use in many creative ways. Such as:

  • Kiosk & Internet terminals
  • Company-access Internet/Intranet
  • Employee self-service terminals
  • Internet cafes
  • Arcades/game stations
  • Library PCs
  • School & university PCs
  • City information terminals
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Photo booths
  • Display window advertising
  • Digital Signage


  • Advertisement displays
  • Trade fair & exhibition PCs
  • Public Internet banking
  • Sales support PCs used in retail





System Specification


Below is the specification of a typical COB Kiosk. COBKiosk has the latest hardware specifications to make the kiosk responsive. The specification can be customized according to order request.
COB Kiosks can be customized to balance between quality and economy, the way you desire.


  • Display:
    – 17”/22” Display Kiosk Enclosure
    – TFT LCD
    – Infrared Touch screen (Flat)
    – Supports 1240 x 1024 Resolution (or more depending on hardware)
  • Construction: Metal / Wood
  • Scratch-Resistance Coating: Yes
  • Service Security Door Locker: Yes
  • Anti-static Grounding Protection: Yes
  • High-ventilation Fan: 2
  • 4-way Extension Multi-power Plug: Yes

Kiosk Operating System and Software price depends according to requirements. Please see the packages below for details.











Colors of Bangladesh has 3 packages: Basic, Ultra and Sky. These packages are designed to give you the exact service you want from our device and in a definite budget. Each package has the kiosk hardware and software to make it functional and interactive. You can select any package and contact us for further details.

COB Kiosk Packages

You can contact us to customize the above packages.





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